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    driveway apron Fairfield county ct

    fairfield ct driveway apron

    A well-designed driveway apron not only enhances the functionality of your driveway but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.

    Driveway Aprons Fairfield County, CT

    A driveway apron is the part of your driveway that bridges your driveway and the road or curb, and as you’ll see while traveling around Fairfield County, many local homeowners use this area to boost their property’s curb appeal, and functionality by adding a decorative Belgian Block Driveway Apron.

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    Driveway Apron INSTALLATION Services

    At Stanley Hardscapes, we specialize in crafting stunning driveway aprons using Belgian blocks, providing Fairfield County residents with a personalized touch that leaves a lasting impression on guests and enhances curb appeal. Depending on your design preferences and home’s aesthetic  along with your driveway shape, material, and or other components like drainage, a driveway apron can make even the most mundane asphalt driveway a stunning entryway to your home.

    Our Fairfield County Masonry team will help you design and create a unique hardscape entry for your driveway.



    Belgian Block Driveway Aprons

    Fairfield County CT Driveway Aprons

    Driveway aprons hold a unique position in the realm of residential driveway construction, and are subject to specific rules governing their location, size, and installation. 

    Typically, the driveway apron sits on the first 8 to 12 feet of the road, serving as a transitional zone between your property and the public road. Given their critical role, adhering to regulations and choosing the right materials for your driveway apron is key.

    Other driveway aprons are installed a few feet from the road and provide traction for driveways on an incline.

    driveway apron repair fairfield ct

    Driveway Apron Installation & Repair

    Driveway aprons from Stanley Hardscapes are more than just functional; they are a work of art. Our skilled masons, have generations of masonry experience, and will ensure that your driveway apron installation, repair, or replacement results in a structurally sound foundational and a seamless transition from your driveway to the street. 

    Client Testimonials

    MB CarragherMB Carragher
    15:23 03 Apr 24
    I contacted Jake on a Saturday morning and he came out the same day to provide an estimate. He and his team repaired a stone wall and then replaced old mortar on a bluestone patio and walkway. Beautiful work at a fair price. We will certainly use his company again.
    22:04 23 Oct 23
    Jake is fantastic to work with. I highly recommend working with him and his company! Thanks Jake!
    Robert SwansonRobert Swanson
    21:56 04 Oct 23
    Very nice guy who goes out of his way to get the job done right. The driving sealing was done perfectly!
    00:57 29 Sep 23
    I am a mason personally and this is from a contractors view, I’ve worked with Jake on a bunch of projects and he’s always been a stand up man. He’s professional, knowledgeable and on top of his work. He’s always treated me and my workers with respect. Both of us are young contractors and I give him lots of credit for how he conducts his business and cares for clientele. If you are interested in hiring or working for him, he is a good man. I will continue to work with him in the future.
    Nostale WarNostale War
    00:50 29 Sep 23
    Jake did a few projects for me, my patio, chimney and seal coated our driveway. Very nice, personable, and gave us a competitive price. Will not hesitate to use him again! Work is flawless
    00:50 29 Sep 23
    The best man thank you for you business will go through you from this point on
    21:02 22 Sep 23
    great people, excellent service. Highly recommend!
    scanderbeg albaniascanderbeg albania
    01:20 09 Sep 23
    Amazing work, Jake is the man at a young age. I’ve had many contractors at my house. Jake shows a level of honesty you don’t typically get in a contractor. I recommend for everyone.
    Bujar VreneziBujar Vrenezi
    01:17 09 Sep 23
    Jake was professional and gave me a very competitive price. Work was flawless and I highly recommend. Jake was very specific about how he wanted the work done. You can tell he doesn’t like flaws!
    Jake sealed our driveway yesterday. He did a great job. He wanted to get the job in before it rained again, so he came in the evening after his last scheduled job and finished in darkness. Very reliable, personable and a hard worker. We highly recommend him.

    Choosing Your Driveway Aprons Materials

    We understand that each homeowner has unique preferences, and love the home styles found here in Fairfield County. Our team is here to accommodate your vision.

    Standard Fairfield County driveway aprons can extend from 2 feet to about 16 feet from the street to the driveway, and we will customize and tailor your driveway apron to meet your personal taste.

    Whether you desire a more expansive apron or a smaller more compact one, we can provide style, material and design ideas to suit.

    Belgian Block Driveway Aprons

    Our Belgian block driveway aprons are crafted from granite, one of the hardest rocks on earth, ensuring longevity and durability.

    driveway aprons fairfield ct

    paver driveway repair Fairfield ct

    Masonry Service: Personalized, Affordable and Professional

    While some may assume that such craftsmanship comes with a hefty price tag, Stanley Hardscapes is proud to offer Fairfield County masonry services at reasonable and budget-friendly rates. Additionally, for customers considering multiple projects, we provide attractive discounts upfront, eliminating the need for return visits and extra expenses. We recognize that every homeowner has unique needs and ideas. That’s why we offer personalized services aimed at understanding your specific requirements. Our masons will assess and evaluate your home, providing a tailored solution that ensures long-term, appealing results.  

    Why Choose Stanley Hardscapes?

    We are local, reliable & dedicated to our customers

    There are many reasons to choose Stanley Hardscapes for your Fairfield County driveway apron work. We aim to establish long-term relationships with our clients, delivering top-quality masonry work and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Don’t just take our word for it; read our client testimonials!

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    Our masonry work is second to none.

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