Stone Veneer Installation Fairfield County CT
Stone Veneer Installation in Fairfield County, CT by Stanley Hardscapes

In the picturesque city of Stamford, CT, Stanley Hardscapes recently completed a stunning stone veneer installation and bluestone steps enhancement. This project exemplifies the blend of durability and visual appeal, redefining the aesthetics of a local residence through masterful stonework. Repairing the Old Foundation: The home’s foundation had taken a beating from the hands of…

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Brick Repointing The Art Of Restoration
Brick Repointing, Brick Repair, and Masonry Repair

In the picturesque landscapes of Fairfield County, CT, where historic charm meets modern living, homeowners are no strangers to the beauty and functionality of brickwork. From the elegant facades of colonial homes to the timeless allure of brick patios and pathways, these structures enhance the aesthetic appeal of properties while offering durability. However, as time…

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Retaining Walls Masonry Fairfield County
Retaining Walls Fairfield County Masonry Contractor

Elevating Outdoor Spaces with Natural Stone Retaining Walls and Walkways At Stanley Hardscapes, sealcoating, and Masonry, we take pride in our ability to create outdoor spaces that are beautiful and functional. Recently, we had the pleasure of completing a project for a client who wanted to add a garden area to their property while improving…

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Bluestone Stairs and Walkway Repair in Brookfield CT
Bluestone Stairs and Walkway Repair Danbury CT (Brookfield CT)

Enhancing Outdoor Spaces: Brookfield CT – Masonry Repair Contractor Services Our team at Stanley Hardscapes is passionate about creating outdoor spaces that are beautiful but also functional and durable. We recently completed a masonry repair project in Brookfield, CT, that involved repointing a bluestone front steps and patio area. It was a classic job; the…

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home masonry service fairfield county ct
New Canaan Masonry Stone Step Construction

At our Fairfield masonry company, we take pride in finding solutions to our clients’ masonry problems. Our experience and expertise in masonry allowed us to come up with the best solution for a recent project in New Canaan, CT. A homeowner had hired us to repair her old concrete steps that were falling apart; she…

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masonry repair Newton ct
Masonry Repair Newtown CT: Stone Stairs and Porch Veneer

At Stanley Hardscape’s, we take pride in transforming the exteriors of homes and businesses with our exceptional masonry work. Recently, we had the opportunity to revitalize the entrance of a home in Newtown, CT, with our high-quality flagstone work. Stone Steps Repair & Install The old stone front steps and landing had become worn and…

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paver patio installation Fairfield ct
Paver Driveway Fairfield County CT

We were recently hired to repair a paver driveway in Fairfield County, CT, which was showing the impact of our four seasons and winters’ relentless freeze-thaw cycles with dips and bumps due to the unsettled ground under it. Our Fairfield County Masonry team utilized a proven method to fix the issues exhibited by the paver…

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front steps repair Fairfield ct
Brick Steps & Walkway Fairfield County CT

We recently had the pleasure of rebuilding a brick entryway for a homeowner in Fairfield County, CT. The project involved repointing all the brickwork, replacing outdated bricks, and removing all the deteriorated mortar. Additionally, we capped each of the steps with granite where they had been capped by slippery wood. The steps pictured are part…

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Building a Stunning Mortared Stone Wall in Ridgefield, CT

Masonry & Stonework Fairfield CT: Planning, Construction and Maintenance We take great pride in creating stunning outdoor hardscapes that enhance the beauty of our clients’ properties and serve practical purposes. Recently, we had the pleasure of completing a project in Ridgefield, CT, where we built a beautiful mortar stone wall and staircase that served as…

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